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About alicia swinney

Alicia is a teacher, mother, and woman of great faith. She is an active member and volunteer at her church located in Columbus, GA. She graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education from Auburn University and has taught Special Education at the elementary level for the past 21 years. She has two children, Silas and Aaliyah and has hosted many other sons and daughters in her home as a foster parent.  Alicia holds fast to the promise that all things are possible through Christ Jesus.  She seeks to encourage others to walk by faith and to activate and access the divine power that accompanies believing. 


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Walking with the Son
Bootcamp to BattleField
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Sweet Baby Girl
The Miracle in the Mirror

walking with the son
book signing

Saturday, December 4, 2021 
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What readers say:

"I'm really really enjoying the book, and I'm not just saying this because she is my cousin. I want to share with others because it's such a relatable story but many of us choose to wallow in our heartbreak and disappointments for years, creating lifelong baggage. This will be so helpful for those who are hopeless!"

press:Sweet Baby Girl

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Watch the full video and read the article featured on to learn more about Aaliyah Swinney.
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