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Has your spirit ever felt crushed?  Have you ever been stuck in a cycle of grief due to the loss of a loved one, a disappointment, or from a broken heart?  Many people think that God only performed miracles or wonders during the Bible days, but this is not true.  My testimony is that He is still in the healing business.  God is ready to show you great and mighty things.  He wants to leave you awestruck if you would only believe that He can.   I had the honor of witnessing the healing and mighty power of God’s hand during a time when I felt completely broken.  Through prayer, He showed me a word which was to hibernate.  He invited me in with Him and I willingly surrendered to His plan. This book is my story of divine healing and restoration through thirty days of solitude and reflections with Christ. What happens in hibernation can not stay in hibernation.  These are my reflections from Walking With The Son!

Walking with the Son

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